Saturday, June 4, 2011

Speaker to visit Grace

(Press release)

Her home has been shot at and robbed by strangers. Along with her husband, she ministers to prostitutes, gang members and the homeless. That is the life of former Royersford resident, Gael Hogan.
Hogan, the author of “Would You Do It For Me?”, has chosen to live this life in a town in North Carolina.
Known for her honest transparency, dry humor and outgoing personality, Hogan will be speaking and sharing stories about her faith at several local churches from June 6 through 11.
When so many people are looking for answers in today’s world, Hogan’s life experiences bring hope that God cares. The reality of a living God who desires to be involved in every part of life is a major theme in her book and presentations.
A former college instructor, Hogan walked away from her profession 18 years ago to minister in Sanford, N.C., a town south of Raleigh. Raising six children in a tough neighborhood, she faces trials by trusting in a living God.
“I don’t think I would have ever known how real He is if I didn’t face the daily challenges that I do,” she said.
Hogan and her husband, Michael, senior ordained chaplains with International Fellowship of Chaplains, recently assisted in disaster relief in Sanford when it was hit by tornadoes.
“The damage was devastating,” she said. “Many people are familiar with the story of how the management at Lowe’s rushed to save almost 100 people. But I think the entire population has a story to tell of that day.”
Hogan also shares stories about her life as an artist.
“I started fingerpainting about nine years ago,” Hogan said. “People are amazed when they see my paintings. Fingerpainting is not just for kids anymore. Art is also an extension of my ministry especially to women who lost the joy of childhood which fingerpainting represents.”
Coming back to her hometown area is important to Hogan.
“I love this place,” she said. “I love my hometown and the people. I am who I am because of where I was raised. I want to share something real that will change lives in these changing times.”

Schedule of speaking engagements:

Monday, June 6: 7 p.m., Spring City Fellowship, Glass Street, Spring City, PA 19475
Wednesday, June 8: 7 to 8:30 p.m., Grace Lutheran Church, 6th and Main streets, Royersford, PA 19468
Friday, June 10: 7 p.m., Bread of Life Fellowship Church, 415 W. Broad St., Quakertown, PA 18951
Saturday, June 11: 10 a.m., Harvest Rain Fellowship Church, Merchants Square Mall, 1901 S. 12th Street at Vultee Street, Allentown, PA 18103

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Vacation Bible School, workshop for Grace members

Couples: looking for some great time together?  Join us for Rekindling the Flame! This five-part workshop will be offered on Monday, July 11- Friday, July 15 from 6:30- 8:30 pm.  This will take place during the Vacation Bible School programs  so bring the kids and have some wonderful time for yourselves!  Pastor Krais will lead this group that is designed to help us to better live God's plan for our relationships and to have fun learning new things about each other and remembering all those things that made us fall in love!  Participants must register by July 5 by contacting Pastor Krais at  610-948-3684 or

Vacation Bible School will be July 11- July 15 and your kids will love the Pandamania theme!  They'll learn that God is WILD about them and they'll find ways to share that love with others.  Please register children who are 3 year olds through elementary school in advance by calling the church office at 610-948-3684 or filling in an online form at .  (Older kids and youth are welcomed to be
helpers!)  All are welcome!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Grace Lutheran members run 'Buck a Chick' program

Buck a Chick posters were displayed in the Welcome Center of Grace Lutheran Church.

During this season of Lent, in addition to donating money to a local shelter, Grace Lutheran members participated in the “Buck a Chick” program.
According to the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America website,, the donations “help provide families living in poverty with chicks to provide a source of food and income.”
Joyce Berner, director of music for the 10:45 a.m. service, said she found out about the program from an ELCA newsletter and brought the idea to the pastors.
“I thought it was a fabulous idea to raise money without people having to give a lot,” Joyce said, adding that the dollar can go a long way to help families in need. “To think that buying a chick for $1 can mean they can eat a meal of eggs or sell those eggs at the market to buy more food and clothing for their family. We lose sight that so many people have so little.”
Rose echoed Joyce’s comments and said $1 really isn’t much for people to donate.
Pastor Neff and Pastor Krais put Joyce in contact with Rose Nixon, who is the chair of the Social Ministry.  Rose informed members about the program and collected donations around the 8 a.m. service. Joyce did the same for the 10:45 a.m. service.
Just like other fundraising programs like Jerry’s Kids and autism awareness, those who donated received a paper they could sign. The papers had a picture of a chick on them and families could decorate the chick.
A total of $285 was raised for “Buck a Chick” during the Lent season at Grace.
Rose and Joyce said they are hoping Grace can raise even more money for “Buck a Chick” next year.
Through the "Good Gifts" program the ELCA offers opportunities for giving year round for people to help others in need, from livestock (like the chicks) to medical and school supplies to wells for water to disaster relief (like Midwest tornadoes).  One hundred percent of donations go directly to the designated
need.  Overhead and administrative costs are absorbed through other funding.

Monday, April 11, 2011

All are invited to "God Questions; God Answers" Lenten services

Attendees of  March 16 "God Questions; God Answers" enjoy some time for fellowship during the soup and sandwich meal.

Lent is a time of reflection, fasting and growing closer to God. During the Wednesdays in Lent, Grace Lutheran Church has been offering a study series, “God Questions; God Answers.”
Before the service begins, members of Grace have the chance to enjoy a time of fellowship during the soup and sandwich meal.
The service features a time for reflection and confessional litany (reading messages aloud together asking God for forgiveness.) Attendees pray together for strength and discipline of commitments they have made to Lent. Next comes the Bible study which follows a themed question. For example, during the first Lenten service of the series on March 16, the question was “How is God present in our lives?” Attendees read the Bible together and talked about God after working on questions included with the Bible study. The night also included a Nooma DVD: Breathe asking, “How is God present in our lives?”
Children also were entertained with Lent themed activities and crafts in another room. The kids enjoyed making a lamb out of craft supplies during the “Lamb of God” activity.
All are invited to the next “God Questions; God Answers” which will be held this Wednesday after the soup and sandwich meal in the social hall. The soup and sandwich meal begins at 6:30 p.m.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grace Lutheran's Council and what the members do

Meet Grace Lutheran's council: Front Row: Jan Slack, Stewardship Committee Chair; Kathy Mills, Evangelism Committee Chair, Alexis Lacey, Youth representative and Heather Tyrrell, Publicity Committee Chair; Second Row: Phil McKenna, Finance Committee Chair, Judith Stryker, Christian Education Chair, Wendy Daily, vice president and Fellowship Committee Chair and Anne Pennepacker, recording secretary; Back row:  Amy Lacey, Youth Chair, Scot LeVan, Technology Committee Chair, Art Parker, Property Committee Chair, David Fritz, Grounds Committee Chair, Dr. Kurt Meyers, president and Rose Nixon, Social Ministry Committee Chair. Not pictured: Kathy Delaney, Music and Worship Committee Chair and David Thompson, treasurer.

Grace Lutheran Evangelical Lutheran Church installed members of church council on Feb. 27 during the traditional and contemporary services.
Council members are Dr. Kurt Meyers, president; Wendy Daily, vice president and Fellowship Committee Chair; David Thompson, treasurer; Jan Slack, Stewardship Committee Chair; Kathy Mills, Evangelism Committee Chair; Alexis Lacey, Youth representative; Heather Tyrrell, Publicity Committee Chair; Anne Pennepacker, recording secretary; Amy Lacey, Youth Chair; Phil McKenna, Finance Committee Chair; Judith Stryker, Christian Education Chair; Rose Nixon, Social Ministry Committee Chair; David Fritz, Grounds Committee Chair; Art Parker, Property Committee Chair; Scot LeVan, Technology Committee Chair and Kathy Delaney, Music and Worship Committee Chair.
Some of the members have been serving on council for years and others are new to council.
This is Meyers’ third stint on council and second year as president. In the past he has served as the chair of Youth, Grounds and Mutual Ministry.
“I thoroughly enjoy working with the good people of Grace in many areas,” he said, adding that members of council are hardworking people and form the ‘core group of leadership at Grace.”
“Serving on council is part of the ‘time, talent and treasures’ aspect of stewardship,” Meyers added. “I have been blessed in many ways and time spent on council is in gratitude of those blessings and for the gift of Christ in my life..and it is FUN! We learn from each other as we study His word and grow by doing His work.”
Slack just joined council this winter. She has been a member of Grace since she was in third grade.
She said she feels the Spirit led her to pursuing a position on council.
“Knowing that God wants me to serve Him and our congregation is a faith-filled journey,” Slack said.
She said she is very proud of what church council does.
“In the course of two meetings, council members have demonstrated how to be good stewards whom you can entrust with the congregation’s resources and talent.”
Church council work together for the greater good of the church. Its responsibilities include
  • connecting all activities with the church’s mission statement and purpose; 
  • overseeing the pastors and other paid staff; hold them accountable for their work;
  • overseeing its own members and other volunteers; making them accountable for their work;
  • overseeing the financial operations so there are safeguards over the resources placed in the congregation’s care by members and other donors;
  • ensuring that worship, education, service, fellowship, facilities maintenance, etc. are done according to agreed upon standards;
  • acting upon the congregation’s behalf between annual meetings: discussing, editing, and approving or rejecting program proposals, staffing recommendations, extra budgetary financial expenditures and outside contracts up to constitutional limitations and
  • ensuring the congregations keeps ahead and looks ahead.
Council meets once a month and during each meeting, a visioning session is conducted. Members read a verse from the Bible, discuss values that are expressed and relate God’s messages in the verse to how God is at work at Grace.